Are you in a constant battle against clutter? The struggle is real. But don’t worry; we’re here to arm you with brilliant and life-changing home organization cleaning hacks that will help you win the war against mess.

Today we review, “15 Home Hacks you wish you knew sooner,” by Andrea Jean Cleaning. As it turns out, there are actually 26 hacks in total! Let’s get organized!

Hack 1: Organize Your Socks Effectively

Neatly rolled socks in a drawer

Say goodbye to the hunt for missing socks with this effective organization hack.

Here’s a hack you’ll love: keep your socks organized by laying them flat down and rolling them as tight as you want. Then, take the band and wrap it over your socks. Not only does this ensure that socks stay together, but it’s also great for travel. The best part? This method works with all types of socks. Your sock drawer never looked better!

Hack 2: The Art of Folding Fitted Sheets

Neatly folded fitted sheet in her hands

Discover the secret to folding fitted sheets with ease.

You don’t need to be an origami master to fold fitted sheets. Just ensure the bottom of the fitted sheet is facing you. Take the two corners at the bottom and put them in the top corners. Make everything nice and flat, straighten as you go and pull in the center. Roll up the bottom twice and then roll the top down twice. Voila! You’ve got a neat and organized fitted sheet pocket.

And if you’re standing, there’s another method you can try: get all the corner pockets together, switch hands, and lay everything on a flat surface to create a beautiful square. Sounds simple, right? It is!

Hack 3: Wrinkle-Free T-Shirts Every Time

Neatly folded T-shirts in a dresser

Keep your T-shirts wrinkle-free with this simple folding technique.

Nobody likes a wrinkly T-shirt. To avoid wrinkles, take your T-shirt out of the dryer as soon as it’s dry. Lay it flat on a surface and roll up the bottom, then roll in the sleeves to the neckline. Roll up the bottom again to create a beautiful display in your drawer. Now, you can enjoy wrinkle-free T-shirts every day!

Hack 4: Folding Jeans Like a Pro

Neatly folded jeans in an clothing basket

Get your jeans to fit in your drawer effortlessly with this folding method.

When it comes to folding jeans, it’s all about the technique. Lay your jeans flat, fold up the legs to the pockets, fold them one more time, and flip them over on themselves. For a straighter line, tuck in the crotch area, fold up the bottom, and then display them in your basket. Now, you’ve got a neat stack of jeans that won’t take up unnecessary space in your drawer!

Hack 5: Hanging Jeans for Display

Jeans hanging on a hanger

Display your jeans neatly and stylishly with this hanging method.

Love displaying your jeans? We’ve got a hack for you. Fold your jeans in, grab a hanger, hook the belt loops on the top of the hanger, and pull the bottom of the pants over the hanger. Make sure they’re all facing the same direction for a neat display. Who knew hanging jeans could look so chic?

Hack 6: Underwear Folding Technique

Neatly folded underwear organized in a dresser

Keep your underwear drawer tidy with this folding technique.

There’s an art to folding underwear, too. Start by folding the sides in, then flip it over on itself, and tuck it into the pocket. This not only helps maintain clean dresser drawers but is also great for travel. Say goodbye to messy underwear drawers forever!

Hack 7: Towel Folding Like a Luxury Spa

Neatly rolled towel spa-style in her hands

Give your bathroom a luxury spa vibe with this towel folding technique.

Ever wondered how luxury spas keep their towels so neat? Here’s the secret: fold the towel over on itself, take two corners and connect them to make a triangle, fold it in half again, and roll it from the bottom. Tuck the tail of the towel into the pocket that is created. There you have it: a perfectly folded towel that gives your bathroom a spa-like vibe.

Hack 8: Hanging Longer Dresses and Jumpsuits

Dress hanging neatly on a velvet hanger

Hang your dresses and jumpsuits neatly with this simple trick.

Long dresses and jumpsuits can take up a lot of space in your wardrobe. But not anymore! Use velvet hangers for these items. Just put the shoulders of the outfit on the hanger and flip up the legs or the bottom of the dress between the tops of the garment. Now, you have a clean and easy grab display. Simple and efficient!

Hack 9: Cell Phone Alarm Hack

A cell phone inside a cup serving as an alarm

Make your mornings easier with this cell phone alarm trick.

Do you find it hard to wake up in the morning? Here’s a life-changing tip: avoid putting your cell phone next to your bed. Instead, set a timer and place it in a cup. The cup will amplify the sound of the alarm, making sure you don’t miss it. Say goodbye to snoozed alarms and late mornings!

Hack 10: How to Find Your Lost Cell Phone

Woman using Siri to find her lost cell phone

Never lose your cell phone again with this handy hack.

If you often misplace your cell phone, this hack is for you (iPhone users only). Just ask Siri where your phone is, and the helpful assistant will guide you to it. It’s as easy as saying, “Hey Siri, where’s my phone?” Never stress about a lost phone again!

Hack 11: Removing Stickers and Residues

Goof off: Products for removing stickers and residues from fabric

Say goodbye to annoying stickers and residues with these products.

Got a pesky sticker stuck on your clothes or fabric? Use Goof Off for markers or ink, and a special product for latex paint. For sticky things, use Goo Gone and let it sit in there for about a minute or two before using a toothbrush to remove all the sticky residue. Your fabrics will be sticker and residue-free in no time!

Hack 12: Recommended Laundry Products

Tide, Savitel fabric softener, and Clorox stain remover

Get your laundry cleaner and smelling better with these recommended products.

Doing laundry may seem straightforward, but the right products can make a world of difference. For washing, use Tide. To give your clothes a good smell, add in some Savitel fabric softener. And for any stains? Clorox stain remover has got you covered. You’ll notice the difference!

Hack 13: Hang Pictures Like a Pro

Woman using painters tape and phone app to correctly position and hang pictures

Learn to hang pictures straight every time with this easy hack.

Hanging pictures can be a daunting task, especially if you’re worried about getting it straight. Here’s an easy solution: use painter’s tape and a nail box to position your pictures correctly. For an even more accurate result, you can use an app like “Bubble Level” to ensure that your pictures are straight. Say goodbye to crooked frames!

Hack 14: Quieting Squeaky Door Hinges with Cooking Spray

A person holding Pam cooking spray ready to lubricate a squeaky door hinge

Silence squeaky door hinges using a common kitchen item.

Do you have a door that’s been driving you nuts with its constant squeaking? The solution might be in your kitchen cupboard. Use a generous amount of cooking spray on the door hinges to reduce the noise. Just a simple spray can bring peace and quiet back to your home.

Hack 15: Keep Rug Corners in Place with Carpet Tape

Hand applying carpet tape to the underside of a rug to keep its corners down

Prevent tripping hazards with this easy carpet tape hack.

If your rug corners are always flipping up and creating a tripping hazard, carpet tape is your solution. It’s sticky, versatile, and works well on different surfaces including tile and wood. Apply it to the bottom of your rugs and enjoy a trip-free environment!

Hack 16: Organize Shoes with Tension Rods

Shoes organized neatly in a cubby using tension rods

Maximize your storage space with tension rods for an easy shoe organization hack.

Do you struggle with where to store all your shoes? Enter tension rods – the unsung heroes of home organization. Use these rods in cubbies or entryways to maximize vertical space and keep your shoes orderly and easy to find.

Hack 17: Best Products for a Shiny Sink

A bottle of Bar Keepers Friend for shining stainless steel sink

Achieve a sparkling clean sink with Bar Keepers Friend.

For those of you who take pride in a shiny, clean sink, we tested two products – Bar Keepers Friend and Perfect Sink. The conclusion? Bar Keepers Friend is the superior choice for getting rid of water spots and achieving that perfect shine.

Hack 18: Manage and Organize Cords with Command Hooks

A package of 3M Command hooks for neat wire organization

Organize your cords neatly using Command hooks.

If you’ve got cords running wild around your home, take control with Command hooks. They’re great for managing and organizing cords, like the one for your vacuum mop, keeping them neatly wound up and out of the way.

Hack 19: Thrift for Home Organization Items

Unique and affordable items for home organization found at thrift stores

Save money and find unique storage solutions by thrifting for home organization items.

If you need storage solutions, don’t rush to buy new. Check out thrift stores for unique and affordable items that can be used for home organization. This is a great way to save money and add some character to your home.

Hack 20: Tupperware Lid Replacements with Silicone Stretch Lids

Silicone stretch lids replacing the original plastic lids for multiple glass containers

Silicone stretch lids: an eco-friendly and cost-saving alternative to plastic lids and wraps.

Broken plastic lids are a thing of the past with silicone stretch lids! These handy items come in different sizes and can fit various containers. Not only do they save you money by reducing the need for plastic wrap, cling wrap, or aluminum foil, they also help you contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Hack 21: Cleaning Your Toaster with a Hairdryer and Paintbrush

A toaster being cleaned using two paintbrushes

Breathe new life into your toaster with a simple cleaning hack.

A simple and effective method to clean your toaster involves two tools you likely already have at home: a hairdryer and paintbrushes. Blow out crumbs from the inside with the hairdryer and use two taped-together paintbrushes to guide the crumbs into the tray.

Hack 22: Organizing Paper Bags

Neatly folded and organized paper bags in a basket

Keep paper bags tidy with a simple folding technique.

Rolling up paper bags from the bottom, folding in the edges, and tucking one edge into the other side, you can neatly organize paper bags for reuse. This simple hack also frees up your space and makes the bags easily accessible.

Hack 23: Use Thrifted Baskets for Home Organization

Thrifted baskets with inexpensive goodwill tag being displayed prominently

Thrifted baskets offer versatile storage options.

Find a place for everything in your home with thrifted baskets. They’re a versatile, stylish solution for storing items around the house, from paper bags to shoes. For summer items like hats, sunscreens, snorkels, and goggles, large totes can help keep everything organized.

Hack 24: Using WD-40 as a Bug Deterrent

Can of WD-40 being sprayed on door deck areas to deter bugs

Repel bugs from gathering spots with WD-40.

Don’t let pesky bugs ruin your outdoor gatherings. Spray WD-40 in areas where bugs typically gather, such as deck areas. Not only does it help deter unwanted insects, but it also keeps your space fresh and bug-free.

Hack 25: Laundry Room Organization with Easy Tape and Clothespins

Gloves hanging on a wall with clothespins and easy tape for quick access and drying

Keep your laundry room organized and efficient with clothespins and easy tape.

Optimize your laundry room organization with easy tape and clothespins. Hang gloves for easy access and drying, or use a board with clothespins attached to the wall to hang missing socks until their pairs are found.

Hack 26: Keeping a Laundry Symbols Guide in the Laundry Room

Laundry symbols guide for use in a laundry room for easy reference when washing different types of clothing

Decipher laundry symbols with ease by keeping a guide in your laundry room.

Ensure the longevity of your clothes by keeping a laundry symbols guide in the laundry room. This guide can help you correctly wash different types of clothing items and understand those cryptic symbols on the care labels — no matter where it came from.

And that concludes our review of home hacks from Andrea Jean’s video. With these tips and tricks, you can bring more order, efficiency, and comfort into your daily routines at home. Stay tuned for more life-changing hacks and home organization tips from us. We hope you found this guide helpful, and we look forward to sharing more helpful tips with you in our upcoming blog posts. If you liked this content, please check out Andrea Jean’s YouTube channel and consider subscribing! Cheers!

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