There are tasks to check off your summer home maintenance checklist and you dread it, but they are are so important.

Tasks to check off your summer home maintenance checklist

There isn’t anything that a cold slushy or a cocktail can’t fix and it’s such a necessity in the hot summer weather. Imagine you are sitting on the beach and getting tanned with a cold beverage in your hand but you are having that nagging feeling that your house needs to be maintained so that it remains intact for the next summer. Go through our list to keep your house maintained and new:

Wash and clean the interior and exterior

You might think that a house should be cleaned once in a while but that’s a misconception. You need to clean your house regularly so no kind of dust settles. Take a damp cloth and wipe your furniture and get it polished so it is sparkling clean and gives a fresh look. For your exterior, apply a fresh coat of paint that is easy to maintain and doesn’t peel off.

Check the plumbing

Your drainage system and pipes need extra care and attention so when you sit down and decide to set up maintenance for your summer home, the plumbing needs to be checked and serviced. Make sure all the pipes are working and there isn’t any leakage. Check your ceilings as they are the first signs of showing whether there is any kind of seepage. If you see anything out of the ordinary, get your plumbing fixed and you will save a lot of time and energy.

Service your air-conditioners

The AC is the most important accessory in a summer home and it needs to be regularly checked for leakage of gas. Its outer needs to be washed and cleaned on a regular basis to avoid any kind of hiccup during an event or party at your place.


All the leaves and long glass give a bad impression on the guests so make sure your garden is properly taken of. All the flowers and plants should be watered so that your garden looks striking. The hot weather may dull down the plants therefore, they need caring with a loving heart. Make sure you are picking out the extra leaves and trimming the hedges and bushes.

Carry out a pest inspection

Hire a professional service to check your summer house for pests. They will pose as a nuisance if ignored as they tend to stick to the furniture and make them rot. It will be annoying and a hazard for you in the long-run and might even stop your usage of the summer house completely.

There isn’t anything that will stop a summer house from functioning but if you follow these tips for maintenance, your summer house will give you more than you can imagine. It may seem that as a summer house isn’t used regularly and all of it might remain brand new which isn’t true. It has to be properly taken care of and made into a safe haven for you, your family and friends.