“Are you ready for 60 life changing home hacks?! These genius home hacks will help make your life easier, cleaner and more organized. From tips and tricks to hacks that will blow your mind! You’ll find it all here!” – Lisa Burningham

Investigating Lisa’s Organization Hacks

As I tuned into Lisa Burningham’s home organization video, I was immediately drawn to her creative use of simple items for storage solutions. She started off with a novel idea of using a tension rod and shower curtain rings as a storage mechanism for hats, scarves, and belts. As I took notes, it struck me how these little life hacks could tidy up my closet in no time.

Closet Hacks

While I had heard of the rolling technique for t-shirt and yoga pants storage, Lisa took it a step further by introducing the use of mesh dividers to arrange clothes neatly. Her suggestion of a tiered skirt organizer seemed particularly handy for hanging skirts. And her use of a hanging shoe organizer for storing children’s toys was ingenious, a perfect solution for the playroom.

Lisa’s innovative approach to jewelry organization stood out. Using Dollar Tree’s storage wire rack for earrings was a neat trick, but the real game-changer was the multifunctional jewelry organizer. It looked like the perfect solution to my tangled mess of accessories. She then transitioned to using a wall-mounted wire rack for long necklaces, which I could see saving me from a lot of frustration with tangled chains.

Kitchen Hacks

Turning to the kitchen, Lisa’s use of the same wall-mounted wire rack for awkward kitchen utensils felt inspired. She showed how it could clear up valuable drawer space. She demonstrated a clever way to hang a basket in the pantry using shower curtain rings, creating an easy-access storage for small items.

Linen Closet Hacks

Her ideas for storing bulky items like duvets, pillows, and towels in vacuum-sealed and large storage bags were impressive. The way she transformed bulky duvets into flat, easy-to-store packages made me realize how much more space I could free up in my closets.

Bedroom Hacks

Finally, Lisa introduced the concept of under-bed storage with thin, long bags for storing items like wrapping paper or craft supplies. The see-through slots on the bags were indeed a practical feature.


Our “Home Hacks” Rating: 10/10

As I wrapped up watching Lisa’s video, I felt inspired, armed with a slew of practical, affordable organization tips. Many of her tips were very accessible, and there were quite a few actionable ideas that could be done with basic things around the house. These ideas will be interesting to explore if I have the chance to use them on my next decluttering and organizing project! If you liked these tips or Lisa’s video, please visit Lisa’s YouTube channel and consider subscribing to her channel.

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